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Facing page translation by C. G. Moroni, Professor of Italian, of this essay, which is dated 1861.This U.S. Civil War era work argues against secession of the Southern States from the Union. The translator's address to the author explains that…

The papers of the honoree of the event on the occasion of his 60th birthday, long-time labor leader Giuseppe D. Procopio, are at the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota.

The original, published in English in 1927, by International Publishers, is also in the Collection. This, the most dramatic, galvanizing (including after their execution) and dispiriting historical event of the era involving Italian anarchists led to…

Flamma's signature is on the copyright page: "This edition is limited to One Thousand copies, each bearing Author's Autograph." One of his volumes of Dramas was issued in New York, in 1909, in a luxurious edition enriched by a letter (little more…
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