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Facing page translation by C. G. Moroni, Professor of Italian, of this essay, which is dated 1861.This U.S. Civil War era work argues against secession of the Southern States from the Union. The translator's address to the author explains that…

This parody by Seneca (b. Benevento, 1890 - d. Philadelphia, 1952), a professor of languages at the University of Pennsylvania, reflects the bitter laugh of early Italian American comedy. It is filled with a corrupted version of dialect, along with…

The cover has a variant (from the title page) of the title of the work, namely, Come i falchi: Scene dramattiche in due atti.Postiglione (b. 1893 L'Aquila; d. 1924 L'Aquila) left Italy in 1910, embarking at Le Havre for New York, whence he went to…

Inscribed in Italian by author 1949 to Dottore Giovanni Feo. I find nothing about the author in either the Schiavo or Flamma biographical volumes of the 1940s.

Barbato (b. 1856, Piana dei Greci, d. 1923, Milan) was a Sicilian medical doctor, socialist and politician, one of the national leaders of the Fasci Siciliani (Sicilian Leagues), a popular movement of democratic and socialist inspiration in…
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