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This work reproduces, first, the record of a debate on March 25, 1904 (and Mussolini’s preface thereto, dated July 1904), in Lausanne (Lossana), Switzerland between the then virulently anti-clerical young socialist Mussolini, already known for his…

An excerpt from this work is published in Durante. On April 6, 1930, in a public debate at Cooper Union in New York, Borghi participated in the debate on the theme "I problemi della rivoluzione italiana dopo l'abbattimento del fascismo" (the problems…

This is in part the transcript of an interview between socialist and anarchist writer and attorney for the anarchists, Francesco Saverio Merlino, and Cesare Sobrero of the Italian daily, La Stampa, and in part, following the interview, Galleani’s…
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