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This work was issued in the series "Problemi Attuali [Current Problems]," unnumbered, which series also includes as no. 2 the same author's Il Bolscevismo: Che cosa è?; also, see Damiani's La bottega for same publisher, a bookstore, Libreria…

This work depicts the domestic life of a prosecutor who tries to explain and justify his work activities to his daughter in the service of “the Law.”For a brief bio of Damiani (1876-1953), see entry for his La bottega. After the deaths of Galleani…

A two-act, heavily anti-fascist play published by the Detroit anarchist group’s bookstore, the Libreria Autonoma (Autonomous Bookstore). (See also Lolmo, Insurrezione e Rivoluzione, published by same publisher., part of the collecton.) Gigi Damiani…
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